by Skirts

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Released on green cassette tapes available from Dadstache Records at:


released December 12, 2014

Hayden Ford - Guitar, Vocals
Brianna Battista - Vocals
Jacob Walsh - Guitar
Chaz Sumner - Bass
Dylan Vaisey - Drums

Recorded by Cole Oppedisano

Words written by Hayden Ford
Music written by Skirts

Design by Hayden and Ashwini

Released by Dadstache Records


Joe, JT, and AJ
Connor and Comfy
Everyone who was in Skirts, Colin and Cameron, and all our bass players, Sawyer, Chaz, Gabby, and Connor
Tim Avery
DJ Alykhan
Tim and The Dev
The Womb
Northrup House and Hoyt House
Everyone who likes us and,
Saraswati for helping us play well when she's there



all rights reserved


Skirts New York, New York

Bolly-beach love-punk. NYC by way of Rochester by the way of Buffalo.

Hayden-Guitar, Singing
Bri- Singing
Dylan- Drums

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Track Name: Lazy Lover
I never had a chance

doing drugs to keep out the cold
holed in a room with blankets of smoke
I'm wearing my clothes, third time in a row
I don't think I'm lazy but I don't really know

now Im waiting till summer to get me a job
I'm waiting for you to give me your love
and I'll wait all semester if thats what it takes
but wait I'm a lier don't know how long I can wait

now I'm texting a girl I only text when I'm drunk
5 years after high school and who would've thunk
I feel like I'm nowhere and my classmates agree
remembering moments when I was too young to speak

as I sit on my mattress I stare at my books
at the things that they've left, the things that I took
a broken shell necklace, a hair tie, and Sprite
they don't make a sound but they keep me up all night
Track Name: Pink Hair
pink hair standing at the counter
with a drip of perspiration
barely holding half a smile
so I promise I'll stay silent

pink hair, are you sick
are you sick of the guys
they don't care about you

are you tired of the expressions
of the guys that want to own you?
maybe hate is not the answer
but for now it does just fine
Track Name: Halal Cart
the sun's shining down on St. Marks Pl
the wine in me is trying to find some space for you
and me too

and I wonder
did you think about me at work?

down to Soho you go
and I feel so alone

the smell of Halal had filled the streets
the glow of apartments up at 3
and I don't know why
Track Name: Fall Vice Wars
I'm not a fan, of violence, but I sleep with a knife next to my bed
I don't believe, in science, but I still think to think that I'm well read

and in this room, with books of food, with cans of beer, and multicolored lights
the attics full of people, she hovers in, and ask about my shrine

I'm diving in, I'm cutting out, I stumble up and down the wooden stairs
and through the crowd, I see her now, I see her brown eyes, brown skin, and brown hair

and I don't know what to do anymore
cause I got lost on the floor

so many cups, with cocoa dust, and chicken nugs, and empty plastic bags
in violet light, I'm feeling fine, I'm feeling like I've never been less sad

and three months late, a second date, a dumb delay, I'm laying it all out
and every night, under the lights, I held you tight, and listened to the sounds

of early birds, of nervous worms, of certain hurt, and eyes all on my wall
and now your gone, an empty dawn, I'm spending long nights pressed against the wall
Track Name: Ghee
caught up in the sunset
the blood orange sticky sweat
jeans cut off leave tan lines
and now they're barely thread

I wonder if its worth it
to spend another night
and feeling isn't progress
when you got nothing

my girl likes her ghee
and she's in love with me

the asphalt smells like roses
the air is hot and thick
the swimming pools an ocean
forgetting how to swim

it clearly isn't worth it
to stay another day
my bags are packed and ready
cause I got nothing